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The Dukascoin website and White Paper have been published

Following its Dukasсoin project road map Dukascopy Bank SA is proud to announce that the project’s website ( is currently on-line. Visitors can find general information about the project, up-to-date news and download the first official release of the Dukascoin White Paper.

After months of fine tuning the project concept with independent professionals, auditors and approval from the side of the Swiss financial regulator FINMA, Dukascopy Bank SA is ready to publish the document clearly describing the goals of the first cryptocurrency by a regulated Swiss bank and methods how the bank is planning to achieve those goals. Nevertheless Dukascopy Bank SA is open for propositions, ideas, comments and suggestions generated by the community regarding the White Paper topic. Those who want to share their ideas and comments may do so by e-mail address at

Dukascopy Bank SA is planning to launch the service on-line starting from March, 1 2019. Information regarding Dukascoins in circulation, exchange rate, real-time chart and market depth will become live after the project launch.


The trademark DUKAS was registered in Switzerland

Dukascopy Bank S.A. is proud to announce that the trademark DUKAS has been successfully registered in Switzerland under the №725155, registration date: December 13, 2018. 

Swiss intellectual property regulation and protection are well known as one of the strongest in the World. Registration of the trademark DUKAS under such a strict rules is the logical step of Dukascopy Bank S.A. to protect its customers from possible fraudulent practices before the first crypto ICO of Swiss regulated bank. It gives the bank legal instruments to influence the fraud and other unsolicited activities which can occur around Dukascoins and other bank’s crypto products.

DUKAS trademark has been registered for services under Class 36 of International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks (Nice Classification) and intended to strengthen an existing trademark portfolio of Dukascopy Bank SA for services relating to issuing and redemption of electronic value units and management of such value units through electronic wallets including operation with cryptocurrencies and related activities.


Follow up on ICO media reaction

As a reaction to numerous publications in the media the Bank noticed that a number of articles published in the press do not correctly reflect the information given in yesterday's announcement. It concerns only Dukascoin ICO crypto project. Dukasnote is a totally separate project which will be implemented and announced later.

FINMA gives green light to Dukascoin

Dukascopy Bank is proud to announce that FINMA has informed us today, that there are no further regulatory obstacles to Dukascopy’s own crypto ICO project. The Dukascoin will be the first ever ICO of a Swiss Bank.

The preliminary version of a White Paper was originally published on 27.09.2018 to attract critics and call on experts' opinions. We would like to thank all professionals who contacted us and who have contributed to refine the project. Dukascopy will publish an updated version of the White Paper soon and inform about further steps and deadlines.

Public launch of the Dukascoin is expected at first of March 2019. Until then we have yet to finalize the environment and to pass audit and bounty test. It is with great joy that we proclaim today the start of the era of the Dukascoin - first ever crypto currency issued by a bank under strict regulations.


Dukascopy Bank: crypto-funding available for test

Preparing the launch of Dukascoins ICO, Dukascopy Bank (or "the Bank") announces the Live testing of its crypto-funding functionality, which is an important element of the infrastructure built by the Bank for operating with crypto-currencies.

What does crypto-funding stand for? This is the bridge between the client’s account with Dukascopy Bank and a crypto-currency wallet of that client in blockchain. The new functionality allows the Bank’s customers to deposit and withdraw funds to/from their crypto-fundable accounts with the Bank in the form of crypto-currency transfers. In the framework of that service, top-ups and withdrawals are possible only from/to a blockchain wallet where the client is the sole owner.


Dukascopy Bank
crypto ICO

In the frame of its strategy to be a crypto friendly bank Dukascopy announces its own crypto ICO projects. Launch is subject to the green light from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.
By doing this public announcement the Bank would like to:
  1. attract the critics, contribution and participation of the professional community for improving the concept and eliminating mistakes in the strategy;
  2. call the experts in crypto smart contracts development for cooperation;
  3. invite experienced auditors of crypto smart contracts to take part in the smart contract audit;
  4. invite active professionals to participate in planned Bug Bounty tests of Dukascopy Bank's smart contracts.
Dukascopy Bank's ICO concept version of 27.09.2018 can be found here.
We stress that until the authorization of FINMA, these materials are not a public offer or a promise of service.
Parts of the concept that are confidential are accessible under NDA conditions.

Feel free to send your notes, commentaries, proposals and requests to the e-mail address


Dukascopy Bank has become a ChatBot, but also wants to become an artificial intelligence

Dukascopy Bank is announcing the launch of its ChatBot which allows clients access to the entire spectrum of the Bank's retail services. The Bank is planning on making its ChatBot to talk and recognize the natural human speech. The ChatBot was created on the basis of the universal programming interface (API), which allows the messenger to be implemented and further developed by third party chatbot applications.

Dukascopy Bank believes that we have entered an era of worldwide use of artificial intelligence which will be a dominate direction of the development of the internet industry in the years to come. Hence, the Bank has adapted its structure to satisfy the needs of the clients, who using AI, in order to become a "cyborg friendly" bank. Dukascopy is inviting all companies working in this sphere to cooperate and promises maximum support.

19 June 2018

Dukascopy Bank welcomes crypto exchanges and crypto brokers

Following its strategical decision of becoming a crypto friendly Swiss bank, Dukascopy Bank is pleased to announce that it makes a second step in this direction, opening accounts for players of the crypto industry.

10 April 2018

Meet Dukascopy at London Cryptocurrency Show on April 14th

Dukascopy Europe (EU-based subsidiary of Dukascopy Bank SA) is participating in the London Cryptocurrency Show on April 14th. You are welcome to visit our booth during the exhibition day and meet our representatives in person.

Dukascoins are crypto tokens managed by smart contract

The Dukascoin, designed as a crypto means of payment, will be issued in limited quantity to serve as both payment and speculation. The Dukascoin is expected to gain in value due to a limited supply and being the first crypto currency in the Swiss banking industry.

Every client can get 5 Dukascoins by opening an MCA account. After that, they can either sell it or buy more on the market. Furthermore, they can withdraw Dukascoins from the Bank to their external blockchain wallets.

Referral program

Any MCA account holder can get a referral code in order to invite friends. The referrer will receive a 5 Dukascoin remuneration for every friend invited and who opens an MCA account. New client will get 5 Dukascoins for free as a welcome bonus.



Open an MCA bank account and get 5 Dukascoins for free



Become a referrer, invite your friends and get 5 Dukascoins for every referred client



Pay commissions, trade on marketplace, accumulate and get Deposit Reward

Price of DUK+

Exchange Rate
of the last deal

X.xxxx EUR


1 duk+

The Bank organizes and supports an infrastructure for clients enabling them to make public or private offers to buy or to sell Dukascoins at their chosen price.

Market Depth of
Dukascoin's local

Dukascoins emission

Dukascoins will be released in the following way: every new MCA holder will receive 5 Dukascoins. His referrer will receive the same amount. Dukascopy Bank receives 10 Dukascoins in order to guarantee the liquidity of the Dukascoins in the market.

The Bank will arrange on a regular basis independent audit missions to verify the accuracy of Dukascoins releases. Those audit missions will ensure compliance of the number of MCA accounts opened and the number of Dukascoins issued for the period in accordance with Airdrop ICO concept.

The Deposit Reward paid for deposits in Dukascoins

The standard Coin Deposit Reward rate for a one-year deposit is expected to be equal to 5%. At the same time, for the first year of the Dukascoin lifespan, the Bank will broadcast a unique promotional Coin Deposit Reward rate program. The amount of reward rate paid by the Bank will significantly depend on the deposit size.


Minimum deposit The Coin Deposit Reward rate paid by
the Bank for the one year deposit
100 5%
250 10%
500 20%
750 30%
1`000 40%
2`000 50%
3`000 60%
4`000 70%
5`000 80%
7`500 90%
10`000 100%

Mobile current

No minimum deposit required


To get more information, please, download the Dukascoin Whitepaper
(subject to change during project development)

Download (1.2mb)

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