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The Referral Program for existing clients

In addition to 5 Dukascoins received after an MCA account opening, every client has an opportunity to receive more free Dukascoins. Become a Referrer and receive 10 Dukascoins for the first Referral and 5 DUK+ for every subsequent Referral.

Become a referrer

A client who introduces others to open an account (a Referrer), receives 10 Dukascoins for the first new person (Referral) who successfully opens an MCA account (the account must be approved by the Bank and meet the incoming deposit turnover requirement) and 5 Dukascoins for every subsequent Referral. The Referral also receives 5 Dukascoins. Any person introduced by a Referrer should enter the promotional code of that Referrer during the account opening process in the mobile application. The participation in this activity is free of charge.

The Bank has the right to limit the number of referred clients per one Referrer (10 000 per one Referrer for the initial period of Dukascoin’s circulation). The breach of the limit and special conditions or referral reward will be subject to a dedicated agreement between The Bank and Referrer.