Please note that all the information provided below
is for actual Dukascopy Bank SA clients only.

In order to stimulate the liquidity at the internal marketplace, the Bank establishes a special reward program for the marketplace liquidity providers who will be called Fat Catz – a prestigious group for our crypto-community members who make the most important contributions to the development of the Dukascoin marketplace. As a reward they have an opportunity to enjoy a significant additional income in fiat currency. Conditions of the Dukascoin Fat Catz reward program are subject to change and all amendments will be publicly available 30 days in advance.

Current conditions of the Dukascoin Fat Catz reward program:

  1. The Bank will collect the commission from all sellers of Dukascoins at the internal marketplace.
  2. The current commission rate is 1% and the amount will be deducted from the incoming payment credited to the Dukascoins seller’s MCA account. The commission rate is subject to change at the Bank’s discretion. The information about rate and conditions of the charge will be published in advance on the Dukascoin website.
  3. The collected amount of commission will be distributed among Dukascoin account holders eligible to participate in the program proportionally to the monthly average balance of their accounts. The monthly average balance will be calculated as the sum of the end-of-day balances of the Dukascoin subaccount divided by the number of days in the past month. The client is eligible to participate in the Dukascoins Fat Catz reward program in case the monthly average balance of their account will be larger than 10000 Dukascoins.

The monthly commission volume to be distributed will be published on the Dukascoins website. In case there are no holders qualified to receive Dukascoins Fat Catz reward, the amount of the commission collected will be added to the next month distribution.

Account numbers, monthly average balance and the amount of fiat reward paid to the Top-10 largest Dukascoin holders will also be published on the Dukascoin website on the dedicated webpage.

The Bank itself will not receive such bonuses to avoid conflicts of interests.