The Bank will organize and support an infrastructure for clients enabling them to make public or private offers to buy or to sell Dukascoins at their chosen price.

Private offers will be sent directly to the intended client(s), via the Dukascopy Connect 911 messenger.

For public offers, the Bank will develop a bulletin board where all offers will be published and available for acceptance. Offers can be placed and taken only by MCA account holders through the Dukascopy Connect 911 messenger.

The Bank will secure the settlement of transactions via the bulletin board. The Bank will be checking all announced transactions for exchange between fiat currencies and Dukascoins through technological means in order to avoid any fraudulent activity and to ensure the execution of the deals. Offers placed on the bulletin board will be available to be taken by any MCA account holder without further confirmation from the client who had placed the offer.

The Bank will not provide any automation for matching opposite offers, will not ensure FIFO or guarantee the execution at best price. Every MCA account holder will have full freedom to choose manually any offer on the bulletin board.

There will be two types of orders available: Fill-or-Kill and Partial Execution. Fill-Or-Kill orders are those which will be executed only if the full order amount is taken. Partial Execution allows part of the offered amount to be taken.

Clients will also be able to determine two order expiration types: Good Till Cancel (without predetermined expiration time) or Good Till Expiration (with determined expiration time).

Each deal executed through the bulletin board will be indicated on a public log of deals. In the future, it will be possible to express offers in different fiat currencies.

All deals made through the bulletin board will be indicated on an online chart showing historical prices. This chart will be publicly available.

Every new client receiving the initially released 5 Dukascoins on their newly opened MCA account has the right to sell them to other MCA clients. MCA account holders interested in purchasing them will have the right to make an offer to the new client. The Bank itself may also make its own offer.

On the secondary market, the Bank can buy Dukascoins only from MCA clients and Referrers.

To stimulate the liquidity at the internal marketplace, the Bank will periodically pay bonuses to the selected marketplace liquidity providers – namely Fat Catz. Conditions of that selection will be published on the Dukascoin website ( Those conditions are subject to change and all amendments will be publicly available.

Clients selling Dukascoins will pay a commission. Initially it will be 1% of the amount sold. The commission rate is subject to change at the Bank’s discretion. The information about rate and conditions of the charge will be published in advance on the Dukascoin website ( The commission charged will be accumulated to award the Fat Catz mentioned above. The collected amount of bonuses to be distributed among selected liquidity providers will be announced on the Dukascoin website at the end of each period.

The Bank itself will not receive such bonuses to avoid conflicts of interests.

Dukascoin’s Fat Catz will be a prestigious group of our crypto-community members. They will enjoy a significant additional income and other financial and non-financial benefits.

The Bank endeavors to regulate Fat Catz constitution rules with the idea of promoting those who make the most important contributions to the development of the Dukascoin marketplace.

The Bank is free to choose whether to provide or consume liquidity of Dukascoins on third party independent exchanges as well as on the internal marketplace.