Dukascoin Dukascash

Depending on the Dukascopy Bank SA services related to Dukascoin circulation used by the client, various fees, commissions and transaction limits may apply according the schedule published below.

Description Amount
Deposits of DUK+ from the blockchain 2%
Withdrawal of DUK+ to the blockchain FREE
First Dukascoin transaction fee 4.75 EUR
Active referrer account maintenance commission (charged for every new referral over 5) 2.5 DUK+
Minimum trade size on Dukascoin marketplace in EUR equivalent 5 EUR
Commission per SELL trade on the Dukascoins marketplace 0.05 EUR for 1 Dukascoin sold or 1% of the trade size (depending on which is higher).
1% flat rate commission is assigned to traders who reach either 20 000 DUK+ or 20 000 EUR equivalent to the DUK+ traded volume threshold.
Low liquidity fee 0.2 EUR per 1 Dukascoin sold at the exchange rate of 1.5 EUR per 1 Dukascoin or less. It is applied to each trade at the defined price range except the first Dukascoin transaction.
Commission per BUY trade on Dukascoins marketplace FREE
Minimum trading turnover required on Dukascoins marketplace to get pending orders functionality allowed 500 DUK+
Fat Catz club entry limit Average monthly account balance 15 000 DUK+
Inactivity fee 5 DUK+ once charged if there are no transactions on the MCA account for more than 3 months from the date of creation of the account.
Minimum withdrawal request 30 DUK+ is the minimum amount allowed to withdraw to external blockchain wallet.

Commission Change log

Taking into account clients’ requests Dukascopy Bank decided to implement Change log to track fees and limits changes. Every new fees and limits schedule update will be reflected in Change log in form of short messages.

01/06/2020 : Low liquidity fee threshold change from 1.25 EUR to 1.5 EUR.

28/05/2020 : minimum withdrawal request of 30 DUK+ to external blockchain wallet added.

07/04/2020 : new eligibility criteria for 1% flat rate commission added.

01/04/2020 : Low liquidity fee threshold change from 1 EUR to 1.25 EUR.

11/02/2020 : Inactivity Fee is implemented.

01/02/2020 : Fat Catz club entry limit change to 15 000 DUK+.

06/01/2020 : First transaction fee and minimum trade size change to 4.75 EUR and 5 EUR respectively.

20/12/2019 : 2% Blockchain deposit fee is implemented.

28/11/2019 : Active referrer account maintenance commission change to 2.5 DUK+ , active referrer status threshold reduced to 5.

27/11/2019 : First transaction fee and minimum trade size change to 4 EUR and 4.25 EUR respectively.

06/11/2019 : Low liquidity fee added. The state of fees & limits schedule as of November 5, 2019 can be found here