The Bank may pay a Coin Deposit Reward for fixed term deposits in Dukascoins. The Coin Deposit Reward will be paid at the beginning of the deposit’s term and will be blocked until the term’s expiration. The Bank may manage and limit the maximum size, term and rate of the offered coin reward at its own discretion and at any time.

The standard Coin Deposit Reward rate for a one-year deposit is expected to be equal to 5% of the deposit amount. For the first year of the Dukascoin’s lifespan, the Bank will broadcast a unique promotional Deposit Reward program. The amount of the reward rate paid by the Bank will significantly depend on the deposit size. The bigger the deposited amount, the higher the Deposit Reward rate paid out:

Minimum deposit size Coin Deposit Reward rate paid by the Bank
for a 1 year deposit
100 5%
250 10%
500 20%
750 30%
1`000 40%
2`000 50%
3`000 60%
4`000 70%
5`000 80%
7`500 90%
10`000 100%

This is an exceptional offer for deposits placed within the first year. The Bank may extend or stop its Coin Deposit Reward program at any time it may consider to be reasonable without affecting previously gathered deposits. Additional conditions will be announced at a later date. Each deposit is considered as a separate contract. Two deposit amounts can’t be summed up without cancelling each other out.

If a client requests to cancel a term deposit in Dukascoins before the maturity date, the client will be charged a penalty of 5% of the deposited amount and will not be entitled to the Coin Deposit Reward on that particular deposit.

The Coin Deposit Reward will be paid out in Dukascoins. The Bank will pay the reward from the Bank’s own Dukascoins, i.e. released in favor of the Bank in accordance with the procedure described in the “Airdrop ICO concept”, or obtained on the secondary market.