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Dukascopy Bank partners with South Korean crypto exchange Bitsonic

Dukascopy Bank has signed a new partner for its Open Banking ecosystem. This is already the third crypto exchange partnership after SCX  and ZBX within the same framework of the relationship. The partnership principle is based on the simple concept – every private person may open a standard MCA account at Dukascopy Bank and separately an account at the Exchange. Further, the client links both accounts together so that the MCA account becomes the safe custody of fiat funds for the operations with crypto at the partner Exchange. The Bank processes the fiat part of transactions between the client and the Exchange, while the Exchange is in charge of crypto part of transactions. Thanks to API integration between the parties, crypto-fiat parts of transactions are instant and aligned. The Bank and the Exchange independently apply the strictest AML/KYC control for the shared client and client’s transactions.

The partnership with the Bank will permit Bitsonic Exchange (South Korea) to add a broad range of high-quality banking services for its clients in South Korea and elsewhere. Simultaneously, the clients of Dukascopy Bank will get the opportunity to buy and sell tens of cryptocurrencies using the advanced platform of Bitsonic while keeping their fiat funds under the secure custody of the Multi-Currency Account (MCA) at the Bank.    

Bitsonic is one of the largest crypto exchanges in South Korea operated by Skoopmedia Inc. Skoopmedia is anIT Company registered in the Republic of Korea.

Skoopmedia has provided Development and Service Integration services to Multi-National Companies (MNC) such as Samsung SDS, Hyundai Department, Naver,SM entertainment etc since 2011. Skoopmedia started running a cryptocurrency exchange, Bitsonic, from 2018 and they made a great start since the first year of the operation. Bitsonic was named top 3 cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea with 25 million USD daily trading volumes and highest number of trading pairs on their markets by providing trading bridges through Binance and Cointiger. Skoopmedia has partnered with crypto compliance solution providers such as Dow Jones, Elliptic, CoolBitX to ensure that their crypto trading services are in line with coming crypto regulation in South Korea.

The parties also agreed to list Dukascoin – the first cryptocurrency issued by a Swiss Bank – on the platform of Bitsonic. This step should bring additional interest and liquidity to the Bank’s own cryptocurrency from the rapidly developing Asian markets. 

Dr. Andre Duka, CEO-CTO of Dukascopy Bank states: "We are glad to see that our cutting-edge Open Banking ecosystem is growing as new recognized international players are joining forces with us to develop the novel model of cross-industry cooperation. We trust in the bright future of crypto but the one that is regulated and transparent. In contrast to the belligerent appeals from both camps, we are consistently holding to our belief that traditional financial industry and crypto industry can and should naturally complement one another. We are ready to cooperate with the established businesses that share our views. Of course, respecting all the regulatory requirements."


New coin reward rates and future prospects

Dukascopy Bank is announcing that the staking coin reward rate reduction previously broadcasted is in force starting from October 1st, 2020. Current rates will be kept until the end of 2020, click on the link to review them. Depending on the size of the staking deposit, the current reward rate gradually grows from a minimum value of 20% to a maximum value of 70%.

The preliminary date for the next 10% coin reward rate reduction for large size one-year staking deposits is 01.01.2021. Three-month deposits reward rates will be adjusted proportionally.

The Bank does not plan to change the current reward rates for one year and three-month EUR reward staking deposits (0.50 EUR and 0.10 EUR respectively for every Dukascoin allocated).

The Staking reward program provides extremely attractive remuneration and the Bank invites clients to benefit from it.



Dukascopy Bank would like to inform current and potential participants of the Dukascoin reward programs that starting from 1st of October, 2020 reward rates schedule for the new coin reward staking deposits will be changed. The new income schedule remains deposit size dependent and be represented as follow:

  • 1 000 deposited Dukascoins - 20% coin reward for 1 year deposit and 3.5% for a 3 month deposit;
  • 2 000 - 30% and 5% respectively;
  • 3 000 - 40% and 6.5% respectively;
  • 4 000 - 50% and 8% respectively;
  • 6 000 - 60% and 9.5% respectively;
  • 10 000 - 70% and 11% respectively.

Bank guarantees that following change will not affect deposits allocated before 1st of October, 2020. For those who are considering joining the coin reward program with current more lucrative rates there are 2 weeks left to decide!


Interim financial statement H1 2020

The Bank has published its interim financial statement H1 2020. The figures demonstrate extraordinary and continuous growth in trading revenues and net profit. In Q2, the Bank recorded the strongest results ever. In composition with the outstanding results from Q1, the Bank recorded the best financial results for H1 in the history of its existence.

The Bank's net profit for the first six months of 2020 was CHF 12.5 million, which is 17 times higher compared to the net profit for the same period of last year. Revenues from trading activities in first six months increased by 82 percent compared to the same period of last year. This growth is a result of increased client trading activity in response to strong volatility on financial markets.

The interim balance sheet and income statement of Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy Group are available via this link.


Dukascopy Bank introduces 3-months staking deposits in Dukascoin

After more than one year into the Dukascoin staking program, Dukascopy Bank is appraising the results as a very good start. 325 staking deposits for the total value of 855,120 Dukascoins (0.72 deposits per day since the launch of the project) demonstrate that the first cryptocurrency by a Swiss bank has received careful attention from the clients. Moreover, many users have already renewed their stakings for the second year.

However, the project does not stand still. The Bank has prepared a number of great surprises for this year. The first of them is to be announced right now! Starting from June 1, the staking program will be extended to add 3-month staking deposits. New terms will work for both types of rewards – coin and fiat. The Bank believes that the shorter-term staking proposal will be particularly attractive for traders willing to have their free capital work while preserving the comfortable level of liquidity.

The Bank will pay as much as EUR 0.10 per coin as a reward for fiat staking deposits, which yields 7.3% return per quarter at the current DUK+ price of EUR 1.37. Coin reward for the coming quarter for a 3-month staking deposit of 10,000 DUK+ will be as high as 12.5%, or 1,250 DUK+.

Besides, new term deposits will also qualify for Big Fish - Referral Program Level 2.

More information can be found on www.dukascoin.com under the sections dedicated to Reward Deposits or by contacting our support via support@dukascopy.bank e-mail or Support Chat.


Low liquidity fee update

Dukascopy Bank changes the threshold of Low liquidity fee application from 1.25 EUR to 1.50 EUR. The fee amount remains unchanged at 0.2 EUR per Dukascoin sold.

The change will be applied on June 1st, 2020 and it will come in force from the moment the Fees & Limits website page is updated.


Dukascopy Bank is increasing its eligible capital by 26%

Dukascopy Bank increases its eligible capital by CHF 9.48 million (up to CHF 46.09 million) with a profit for the first three months of 2020 (after review of interim financial statement as of 31 March 2020 performed by KPMG SA). The condensed interim balance sheet and condensed income statement is available via this link.

Dukascopy Bank continues to demonstrate effectiveness, reliability and high performance in the conditions of turbulence on financial markets and the COVID-19 pandemic. April's profit continues this growth trend, ending the month with 969 000 CHF.



Dukascopy Bank would like to remind current and potential participants of the Dukascoin reward programs that starting from 1st of June, 2020 reward rates for new coin reward staking deposits will be reduced by 10% from current levels. The new income schedule will remain deposit size dependent and be represented as follows:

  • 1 000 deposited Dukascoins - 20% coin reward;
  • 2 000 - 30%;
  • 3 000 - 40%;
  • 4 000 - 50%;
  • 5 000 - 60%;
  • 7 500 - 70%;
  • 10 000 - 80%.

The Bank guarantees that the following reduction will not affect deposits allocated before 1st of June, 2020. For those who are considering joining the coin reward program with current lucrative rates there are 3 weeks left to decide!


Commission for active traders update

On October 31st, 2019 Dukascopy Bank decided to reward the most active clients by assigning to each trader 1% commission per Dukascoin sold, that is if their trading turnover exceeded 50 000 Dukascoins (both bought and sold).

Starting today, the Bank has significantly lowered the existing threshold from 50 000 to 20 000 Dukascoins and introduced an additional criterion: 1% commission assignment starting from 20 000 EUR or the equivalent in traded Dukascoins. Thus, the commission is now assigned once the trader reaches either 20 000 DUK+ or 20 000 EUR equivalent to the DUK+ traded volume.

Example 1: a client bought 20 000 DUK+ at 0.75 EUR per DUK+. The EUR equivalent of obtained coins is 15 000 EUR (20 000*0.75) which is less than 20 000 EUR. Therefore, 1% flat rate commission is assigned since the DUK+ threshold is reached.

Example 2: a client bought 7 000 DUK+ at 1 EUR per DUK+ and sold them all later at 2 EUR per DUK+. As a result, the traded volume constitutes 14 000 DUK+ (7 000 + 7 000) which is less 20 000 DUK+, while the EUR equivalent of bought and sold coins is 21 000 EUR (7 000*1 + 7 000*2). Therefore, the 1% flat rate commission is assigned since the EUR equivalent of DUK+ traded volume threshold has been reached.

The changes are already implemented and reflected on the Fees & Limits page.


Dukascoin listing at ZBX exchange

Dukascopy Bank is glad to announce a new external listing of Dukascoin. Since Wednesday, April 1, Dukascoin tokens will be available for trading on the marketplace of ZBX exchange.

ZBX will start listing Dukascoin against USDT in the very beginning followed by other pairs upon growth in interest and demand. In addition, ZBX exchange will become the first trading venue offering its users an external participation in Dukascoin staking program. Any holder of DUK+ on the side of ZBX will be able to apply for either Coin reward staking or Fiat reward staking fully remotely. Important eligibility criteria for the participation in staking will be the requirement to open and maintain a Multi-Currency Account (MCA) at Dukascopy Bank. After the staking period, the Bank will transfer the reward to the DUK+ holder's personal MCA account. At any point in time during the holding period, a user will be able to track his coins and the reward both in the interface of his MCA account and in the personal area of ZBX exchange.

ZBX is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Malta, operating out of a regulated environment for individual and institutional traders.

The founding team of ZBX has broad and intensive experiences in traditional financial services, IT and the cryptocurrency sector. ZBX's core team is located in Malta, Switzerland, Sweden, and China.


Low liquidity fee update

Dukascopy Bank changes the threshold of Low liquidity fee application from 1 EUR to 1.25 EUR. The fee amount remains unchanged at 0.2 EUR per Dukascoin sold.

The change will be applied on April 1st and it will come in force from the moment the Fees & Limits website page is updated.


Dukascopy Bank passed recent market shocks successfully

Considering the general concerns about the financial situation of the market participants after the recent oil and stocks price drops as well as high volatility on the currency markets, Dukascopy Bank is reporting the following:
1. The YTD profit 2020 of Dukascopy Bank has hit a historical record (above 8 million CHF),
2. Eighty (80) negative accounts have appeared on the 9th of March 2020, totalling 340k USD which is in line with the Bank's risk appetite.

Dukascopy Bank will clear those negative accounts, at its expense, without asking any compensation from clients.

All risk mitigation measures in place have proved to be effective and adequate to ensure the stability of the Bank during current and previous extraordinary market events (abandon of the EUR/CHF peg, BREXIT, Trump election, etc.). Such measures are regularly reassessed and adjusted by the Bank.

The Bank would like to reassure its clients and other business partners that Dukascopy Bank, Dukascopy Europe and Dukascopy Japan continue to be reliable and stable trading counterparties.



Dukascopy Bank would like to boost the attractiveness of its referral program for the loyal clients that have DUK+ deposits with the Bank. For such clients, the Bank has established the second level of a referral program with a nice name “Big Fish”. This program presumes a significant remuneration for the referring of valuable new clients. The Bank invites all holders of DUK+ term deposits to contact their account manager or Dukascopy Support team to learn about the conditions. You may also reach us by writing to crypto@dukascopy.bank The Bank is sure that the conditions of the “Big Fish” program will surprise you in a positive way.


The first anniversary of the Dukascoin project.

28th of February, 2020 Dukascopy Bank SA is proud to celebrate the first anniversary of the Dukascoin project. One year ago, we have officially launched the first payment crypto coin issued for public use by a licensed and regulated Swiss bank. Today it’s time to look back and observe the way the project evolved during the first year.

First of all, we would like to accentuate the fact that the Dukascoin project significantly differs from any other cryptocurrencies offered to the audience so far. The Dukascoin’s uniqueness is not about the blockchain design complexity – on the contrary, we intentionally meant for it to remain simple, this is why we had picked a popular ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain and the Airdrop distribution concept of the token called DUK+. Issuance of new tokens is free of charge and limited to new Multi-currency accounts opening at Dukascopy Bank, whereby each new client gets 5 DUK+ for free and an equal amount will be granted to a referrer if any exists. The bank itself receives 10 new coins every time a new account is created. However, the key feature of our project is the following: the Dukascoin simultaneously resides in two environments – in the blockchain and in the books of a regulated bank.

Currently near to 193 000 MCA account holders have received Dukascoins and almost 3 900 000 Dukascoins have been released. During the past year, Dukascoin holders used several available options to utilize the crypto received.

First of all, to sell and buy Dukascoins, the bank has created a secure internal marketplace that is designed as an easy-to-understand bulletin board which is linked to clients’ accounts at the bank. It allows posting conditional orders (providing liquidity) or picking the desired orders from other participants (using liquidity). All transactions executed on the internal marketplace are secured by the bank, so the client should not worry about receiving the expected value when the transaction is accepted by a third-party. More than 1 500 000 Dukascoins have changed hands in the internal marketplace during the last year and the exchange rate has quadrupled from its low at 0.5 EUR per 1 Dukascoin in June of 2019 to the high of more than 2 EUR for 1 DUK+ in January and February 2020.  

To support the Dukascoin’s liquidity, the bank has developed a special program to remunerate large providers of liquidity and created the Dukascoin holders Fat Catz club. Nearly 24 000 EUR have been distributed between Dukascoin Fat Catz as of April 2019.

Also, the bank offers a system of significant rewards motivating Dukascoins savings. Rewards are based on both crypto and fiat currencies. 91 clients so far have decided to sample alternative crypto savings! 


Every visitor of the Dukascoin website can track
the project’s performance on-line via the dedicated web-page


Last but not least. Dukascopy Bank has literally launched the Dukascoin into the space!

We have introduced the Silver Dukascoin: a silver coin, issued in limited quantity, created to evidence the right of a legitimate holder to receive a Gratification bonus paid by Dukascopy Bank in crypto Dukascoins.

2 series of the Silver Dukascoins are waiting for their new owners:

  • SPACE: the rare series with the highest numismatic and Gratification bonus value of 250 Dukascoins. Only 65 pieces have been minted, launched into the open space and successfully returned to Earth on November 22nd 2019 in Spaceport America – USA-based and first private spaceport in the world;
  • SKY: a limited series minted to memorialize the historical event of the launch of the first cryptocurrency issued by a regulated Swiss bank. Silver Dukascoins of this series bear a Gratification bonus value of 50 Dukascoins and are available for public usage as a physical proof of the right to receive the Gratification bonus.


We congratulate all our clients and crypto enthusiasts
of the world with the anniversary of the Dukascoin project!

One Year. So far so good! 

Read more about the opportunities offered by the Dukascoin on



Coin Reward Deposit rates reduction

Dukascopy Bank would like to remind that the Coin Reward Deposit rates will be reduced by 10% starting March 1st 2020:

  • 1 000 deposited Dukascoins - 30% coin reward;
  • 2 000 - 40%;
  • 3 000 - 50%;
  • 4 000 - 60%;
  • 5 000 - 70%;
  • 7 500 - 80%;
  • 10 000 - 90%.

Application of the updated rates will not affect the previously placed active deposits. The next 10% reward rate reduction is expected to be applied on June 1st 2020.


Introduction of Inactivity Fee on Multi-Currency Accounts ("MCA")

Starting March 1, 2020, Dukascopy Bank will debit 5 Dukascoins (5 DUK+) from MCA which remained unused for more than 3 months after opening (no card ordered, no incoming or outgoing transfer, no currency exchange).
The Inactivity Fee may be charged only once in the lifetime of an MCA. In order to avoid the Inactivity Fee, make sure that you start using MCA within the first 3 months after opening.
Once Inactivity Fee charged from the account, Dukascopy Bank will not close the latter and First Dukascoin Transaction Fee will not be charged from this MCA.


Dukascash project update − important communication about dissemination of false information

Recently, Dukascopy Bank has noticed the appearance in the Internet of a number of articles containing erroneous/misleading information regarding the development of the Dukascash project of Dukascopy Bank.

In this regard, Dukascopy Bank would like to clarify that no Dukascash tokens have been issued and put in circulation by the Bank so far and that the date of launch of Dukascash cannot be determined at the current stage.

This date will be announced separately in an official communication from the Bank.

For further information you may write to crypto@dukascopy.com



Please be informed that starting from today the First transaction fee is raised from 4 to 4.75 EUR when the minimum trade size on the Dukascoin marketplace is raised from 4.25 EUR to 5 EUR. The changes are already reflected in the Fees & Limits page. Kindly check.


Silver Dukascoin: The Crypto in Space

On November 22nd 2019 at 15:19 GMT a historical event took place. The first physical embodiment of a virtual cryptocurrency had been launched into Space. The crypto-currency which dared such a feat was the Dukascoin: the first cryptocurrency ever issued by a regulated bank – Dukascopy Bank SA. With a speed of 5.5 Mach, the batch of 65 exclusive silver coins minted from 999 Pure Silver had reached a height of 301304 feet. It was launched from Spaceport America, located in New Mexico, USA. Later that same day, the space capsule with 65 silver coins returned to Earth. The video report is available here.

Today, Dukascopy Bank is proud to announce that the silver Dukascoins which were launched into space and successfully returned to Earth are available for order. The buyer will benefit from a rare numismatic value and the opportunity to receive a significant Gratification bonus of 250 DUK+. Each Silver Dukascoin Set will consist of the silver Dukascoin with a unique number and a Certificate of Origin containing the same unique number, signed by the CEO of Dukascopy Bank. You can take a look at the photo gallery here . The intrinsic value of the Silver Dukascoin lies in the fact that it is the physical proof of the right to receive the Gratification bonus under the conditions of the Silver Dukascoin Bonus Program. Please read the conditions on the dedicated website www.dukascoin.com/silver/

2 series of the Silver Dukascoin were minted in a limited number of 1000 pieces for both series. The first 65 Silver Dukascoins belong to the special SPACE series minted from 999 Pure Silver and launched into Space. This is a series of rare coins which have been seasoned by uncovered Solar winds and which offer a substantial Gratification bonus of 250 DUK+.

In addition to the SPACE series, the Bank minted 935 silver Dukascoins of the SKY series. These Dukascoins are minted from 925 Fine Silver to memorialize a historical event which happened on February 28th 2019, when a regulated Swiss bank was the first Bank in the world to issue a cryptocurrency. The Gratification bonus for the SKY series Silver Dukascoin holders is 50 DUK+.

The Bank is offering the Silver Dukascoin while respecting the Reference price. The formula of the Reference price is the following:

  1. For the SPACE series: 100 EUR (cost of production) + 300 EUR (cost of launch to space) + current market price of 250 Dukascoins quoted on the Dukascopy marketplace (BID+ASK divided by two).
  2. For the SKY series: 100 EUR (cost of production) + current market price of 50 Dukascoins quoted on the Dukascopy marketplace (BID+ASK divided by two).

Clients willing to buy the Silver Dukascoin of the SPACE series should have more than 10000 Dukascoins on their multi-currency account (deposits included) with Dukascopy Bank at the moment of the purchase request. As well 10 000 and more Dukascoins may be allocated on the any blockchain account and/or on the account with partnering cryptoexchange. For the SKY series, there is no minimum required amount.

Dukascopy Bank created the following key features intended to protect the Silver Dukascoin holder’s rights and assist them in transfers of those rights to other persons:

  1. The Bank maintains a register of legitimate Silver Dukascoin holders for all series. Transfer of the Silver Dukascoin from person to person will be reflected in the Public Register.
  2. Dukascopy Bank can offer a safekeeping service to the Silver Dukascoin owner who is a multi-currency account holder. The coin can be safely stored in the vault located on the Bank’s premises. In case of transfer of ownership (sale) of such a coin to another multi-currency account holder, the Bank can secure the deal for both parties.

Clients can book the silver Dukascoin with a particular number from the “Available in the Bank” section by sending a written request.

Dukascopy Bank invites readers to get acquainted with details of the offer and complete the order form on www.dukascoin.com/silver/.

The Silver Dukascoin Set is available for order starting from now. The delivery of the set to clients will start in January, 2020.

High-resolution images of the Silver Dukascoin Set and the video of the space launch are available in the Dukascoin media-kit.


Blockchain deposit fee implementation

Please be informed that starting from today 2% fee will be applied for every incoming Dukascoin deposit from blockchain while outgoing transfers of Dukascoins remain free of charge. Institutional clients with large blockchain Dukascoin turnover may apply for special conditions. The changes are already reflected in the Fees & Limits page. Please take a look at the update.


Coin reward deposits rates update

On February 28th 2020 the Dukascoin project will celebrate its 1 year anniversary. Since that date, 144 667 clients have opened their accounts with Dukascopy Bank and 2 893 340 coins were released into circulation while the exchange rate of Dukascoin has stabilised above 1 EUR per coin. The three reward programs developed by Dukascopy Bank to benefit its loyal clients showed the following results:

  • Fat Catz reward program: 6 clients are currently participating in the program with a total of 129 767 DUK+ held. Since the project launch, Dukascopy Bank has collected and distributed 20 779 EUR of commission among legitimate participants of the reward program.
  • Fiat reward deposit: 20 clients have placed 155 837 coins for one-year deposits.
  • Dukascoin Reward deposits: 39 clients have placed 247 877 coins for one-year deposits.

Following its initial plan and the successful start of the project, Dukascopy Bank announces the continuation of the existing Dukascoin reward programs for the second year with some changes.

In particular, the Coin Reward Deposit program rates will be reduced by 10%:

  • 1 000 deposited Dukascoins - 30% coin reward;
  • 2 000 - 40%;
  • 3 000 - 50%;
  • 4 000 - 60%;
  • 5 000 - 70%;
  • 7 500 - 80%;
  • 10 000 - 90%.

The changes will take effect on March 1st 2020. Until that time, the existing schedule will remain in force. Application of the updated rates will not affect the previously placed active deposits. The next 10% reward rate reduction is expected to be applied on June 1st 2020.

The fiat Reward Deposit program remains available for clients for the second year as well with the same reward rate: 50 euro cents for each allocated Dukascoin. The minimum deposit amount will continue raising by 1 000 DUK+ every month until it reaches the 20 000 DUK+ threshold in October 2020:

  • 11 000 DUK+ - January 2020;
  • 12 000 DUK+ - February 2020;
  • 13 000 DUK+ - March 2020;
  • 14 000 DUK+ - April 2020;
  • 15 000 DUK+ - May 2020;
  • 16 000 DUK+ - June 2020;
  • 17 000 DUK+ - July 2020;
  • 18 000 DUK+ - August 2020;
  • 19 000 DUK+ - September 2020;
  • 20 000 DUK+ - October 2020 and until the end of the year.

Finally, the prestigious Fat Catz reward program will also continue benefiting its members with commission gathered from Dukascoin’s sellers. The only change is that the qualification threshold will be raised from 10 000 DUK+ to 15 000 DUK+ on February 1st 2020.

Please consider adjusting your plans regarding your participation in the Dukascoin reward programs taking into account the announced changes for the coming year.



Dukascopy Bank is pleased to announce the listing of its own cryptocurrency Dukascoin on ZBX cryptocurrency exchange that will officially commence in January, 2020 preceded by the currently undergoing pre-listing period. After the successful integration of the bank’s Crypto Partner account program with ZBX, the companies will continue to combine the best of both worlds – security and reliability of a Swiss bank and the innovative nature of the crypto-exchange.

Dukascoin has not been traded against US dollar-related instruments before. Now, the clients of ZBX will be able to trade DUK+/USDT, getting access to the benefits offered for Dukascoin owners:

  • Participation in reward programs by depositing Dukascoin
  • Taking part in the substantial price growth potential
  • Fat Catz program
  • Uncorrelated behavior of the token relative to the majors (BTC, ETH)

The users who have both - Dukascopy multi-currency account (MCA) and ZBX account will have the opportunity to send and receive the bank's cryptocurrency in the blockchain – Dukascoins can be sent to the client’s Dukascopy address or to the client’s ZBX address.

Dukascoin is an ERC-20 token created by Dukascopy Bank representing the first cryptocurrency in the world issued by a bank on a public blockchain. The token was launched on February 28, 2019 and during the last three months has risen in value from 0.60 EUR to 1.30 EUR per coin.

Dukascopy Bank is delighted to see a steady demand for Dukascoins. The listing on ZBX exchange is yet another confirmation of the success of the model behind Dukascoin tokens.


Minor update of the Dukascoin White Paper

Dukascopy Bank announces that the updated version of the Dukascoin White Paper has been released today in order to make minor improvements. The document (v.36 dated November 29, 2019) is available for download on the www.dukascoin.com website


Active referrer account maintenance commission change

Please be informed that starting from today the Active referrer account maintenance commission is raised from 2 to 2.5 DUK+. This commission will be charged starting from the sixth referral (and every referral after that). The changes are already reflected in the Fees & Limits page. Please take a look at the update.


First transaction fee and minimum trade size change

Please be informed that starting from today the First transaction fee is raised from three to four EUR when the minimum trade size on the Dukascoin marketplace is raised from 3.25 EUR to 4.25 EUR. The changes are already reflected in the Fees & Limits page. Kindly check.


The Dukascoin rate doubled in November

Dukascopy Bank is happy to inform that DUK+/EUR rate has doubled in the period of just one month. DUK+/EUR bid rate was 0.65 on the 21st of October, reached 1.30 on the 15th of November and is currently steadily holding at over 1.20 since the 21st of November.

This achievement is even more remarkable when comparing to the negative pace of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and the majority of others. It confirms the sustainability of the key concepts of the Dukascoin project published in the Whitepaper.

It is worth pointing out that the current positive dynamic of the DUK+/EUR exchange rate is supported by a stable trading volume on the internal marketplace. This is another confirmation of the steady interest from the public to the first cryptocurrency issued by a regulated bank.


Low liquidity fee introduction

Dukascopy Bank implements Low liquidity fee: an additional commission of 0.2 EUR per Dukascoin sold at the exchange rate of 1 EUR per Dukascoin or less. Low liquidity fee will be applied to each trade except the first Dukascoin transaction. The commission will be charged in addition to already existing applicable commissions.

The new commission will be implemented next week and it will come in force from the moment the Fees & Limits website page updates.


Commission for active and institutional traders

Having analyzed trading activity of DUK+ traders Dukascopy Bank took a decision to reward the most active clients, in terms of trading volume, by making changes to the actual commission policy. From now on, the minimal commission of 0.05 EUR per every Dukascoin sold will not be applied to clients whose trading turnover exceeded 50 000 Dukascoins (both bought and sold coins counted). Instead, they will only pay 1% of current volume commission from each transaction on the Dukascoin marketplace.

The same approach will be applied for those clients who will be defined by Dukascopy Bank’s management as institutional market makers: they will be charged 1% of current volume commission without obligation to pay minimal commission of 0.05 EUR per sold coin.

The abovementioned changes come into force as of today and may be amended at Dukascopy Bank’s discretion.


Bank’s management restrictions update

Dukascopy Bank’s Board of Directors took a decision to increase from 10’000 to 50’000 Dukascoins the maximum position that each member of the Executive Committee of the Bank and each of their family members can hold.

Since the launch of Dukascoin on 28 February 2019, more than 3.5 million of Dukascoins were released of which more than 1 million belong to clients of the Bank. Over 6 thousand of Dukascoins are traded daily on the Dukascoin bulletin board. Considering the achieved number of released tokens, the sustainable growth of such number and the stable trading activity on the bulletin board, the above mentioned decision of the Board of Directors has been approved.

Updated clause “The Bank’s management restrictions” of the Dukascoin White Paper will be included in version 35 of the document published on the website.


Thresholds for active referrers and experienced marketplace users changed

Continuing the efforts to protect inexperienced clients from the incorrect usage of trading capabilities of the marketplace, Dukascopy Bank increases the minimum trading volume requirements for traders willing to place bid and ask pending orders to buy and sell Dukascoins. The Bank strongly believes that minimum trading volume should ensure the acquisition of necessary experience. That is why experienced users should reach the new level of the trading volume of 500 Dukascoins before they can utilize the full range of orders’ functionality. Less experienced marketplace users will be able to buy and sell Dukascoins at the best available prices by placing market orders only. Once the user reaches the qualification turnover minimum, pending orders will be unblocked automatically.

Another classification change concerns the active referrers’ status. A referrer is considered as active if the number of his/her referrals who successfully opened an MCA account exceeds 10. Starting from the 11th referral, 2 DUK+ will be charged as active referrer account maintenance commission from the remuneration of 5 DUK+ received by referrer. If the number of referrals is lower than 10, the commission will not be applied.

Dukascopy Bank can change the above mentioned thresholds after further observation of the clients’ activity.


New fees, commissions and discounts

Dukascopy Bank is announcing that the new fee of 3 EUR for the first Dukascoin transaction will be applied to the newly opened MCA accounts. When the client initiates first outgoing transaction in Dukascoins (withdrawal, transfer to another MCA account holder or selling) the new fee will be once charged from the MCA account balance. The client will be able to sell Dukascoins even if the balance of the MCA account is not sufficient to pay that fee. In that case, the First Dukascoin transaction fee will be deducted from the amount of euro credited to the client’s account for the Dukascoins sold.

For those customers who will actively use the MCA account and, in particular, will order a Bank’s payment card (target audience of the MCA account service) Dukascopy Bank is planning to offer a discount for the ordering of the first payment card compensating the fee paid for the first Dukascoin transaction. Thus, the fee for the first Dukascoin transaction would not affect a target clientele of the bank.

Another newly introduced change in the fee schedule is the increase of a minimum commission for each Dukascoin sold by client from 0.02 EUR to 0.05 EUR.

The purpose of the above mentioned changes in the fee schedule of the MCA service is to reduce abusive activity of persons exclusively willing to benefit from MCA welcoming bonus and without intention to use the MCA service of the Bank.


Pending orders are available for experienced users only

After meticulous consideration of the 7 month trading practice on the internal Dukascoin marketplace, Dukascopy Bank has decided to introduce a minimum trading volume qualification for traders willing to place a bid and ask pending orders to buy and sell Dukascoins. This measure is introduced to protect inexperienced clients from the incorrect usage of trading capabilities of the marketplace. Minimum trading volume will guarantee necessary experience. New marketplace users will be able to buy and sell Dukascoins at the best available prices by market orders only. Experienced users should reach the trading volume of 250 Dukascoins to apply full range of orders. When the user will reach qualification minimum, pending orders will be unblocked automatically. Dukascopy Bank can change the above mentioned experience limit after further observation of the clients’ activity.

Clients hold more than 1 000 000 Dukascoins

Dukascopy Bank is pleased to announce that on October 2nd, 2019 a new milestone has been reached: more than 1 000 000 Dukascoins have been accumulated by clients on their MCA accounts. This milestone confirms the sustainability of the reward concept offered by Dukascopy Bank for MCA account opening and client’s interest towards the first cryptocurrency created by a Swiss bank.

We are happy to state that the growing number of MCA account holders raises the optimism of a bright future for an affordable Swiss retail banking service constantly evolving at the hands of Dukascopy Bank S.A. One of the latest improvements concerns the benefit of SWIFT deposit automation for MCA account clients. This means that whenever a client makes a bank transfer to a Dukascopy MCA account and certain criteria match, his/her funds will be available on the account without any manual intervention. This innovation dramatically increases the speed of client transactions and raises the client’s satisfaction to a new level.


Commission for active referrers

Hereinafter Dukascopy Bank is informing its clients that the commission for active referrers will be introduced in the middle of October 2019. A referrer is considered active if the number of his/her referrals who successfully opened an MCA account exceeds 10. Starting from the 11th referral, 2 DUK+ will be charged as commission from the remuneration of 5 DUK+ received by referrer. If the number of referrals is lower than 10, the commission will not be applied.


Dukascopy Bank introduces minimal commission.

Dukascopy Bank introduces minimal commission for selling of Dukascoin at the internal marketplace. The current level of the commission will remain 1%. At the same time the bank will charge minimal commission of 0.02 EUR per every Dukascoin sold. The collected amount of commission will be distributed among Fat Catz reward program participants and will make the program even more profitable. Dukascopy reminds that every client is eligible to benefit from the Dukascoin Fat Catz reward program in case the monthly average balance of the account will be equal or larger than 10000 Dukascoins.

New episode of the official Dukascoin promotional movie has been released

"Dukascoin Space Adventure" video campaign has got its continuation. New episode of the official Dukascoin promotional movie called “Dukascoin Catch” is already available on the www.dukascoin.com web-site and Dukascopy social media groups. Also the second chapter of the video-adventure is ready for download in the media-kit.

We will be glad to know your opinion about the episode and welcome your fresh ideas regarding scenarios of the future episodes. Leave your comments under the official video on YouTube and best scenario will be awarded by special prize!


Automated DUK+ blockchain deposits/withdrawals launched!

After intensive testing Dukascopy Bank is happy to announce that starting from this week blockchain operations (deposits and withdrawals) with DUK+ envisaged at MCA account internet banking applications (web and mobile) became automated in most cases and available 24/7.

Taking into consideration the growing number of Dukascoin holders willing to keep DUK+ on their external blockchain wallets, Dukascopy Bank was working hard to create fast and reliable way to satisfy client’s needs. Now the overall time of blockchain interactions in Dukascopy Bank’s MCA accounts infrastructure has been reduced from manual “next day” execution to few minutes (depends on current Ethereum blockchain network loading).


Dukascoin in social networks!

Dukascoin has launched a new social contest in which anyone can take part. 

To participate, you must leave a creative comment on one of the social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, then make a screenshot of it and send it attached in an email to social@dukascoin.com

Once a month, the Dukascoin team will be choosing one or more winners who will receive 100 Dukascoins (DUK+) for free!

The first winner of the contest is Michele Schopfer with her comment on Facebook "AlloHouston? On a un problème..." under Dukascoin's post about the first adventure of the Dukascoin on the moon. There will be new episodes of the adventures soon and new creative comments.



Minor update of the Dukascoin White Paper

Dukascopy Bank announces that the updated version of Dukascoin White Paper has been released today in order to make minor cosmetic improvements. The document (v.34 dated July 23, 2019) is available for download on the www.dukascoin.com website


Referral bonus "Dukascoin#6" is suspended

Starting from July 19, 2019 Dukascopy Bank temporary suspends the "Dukascoin#6" referral bonus program. During first 50 days of the "Dukascoin#6" program existence started at May 29, 2019 more than 8000 clients have met the conditions of the program and realized their right to get one extra Dukascoin to their MCA accounts. We consider such a performance as completely satisfactory and would like to thank all clients joined the program and their referrers who promoted this program among existing and prospect clientele.

The program has been suspended until further notice. More details about the Dukascoin Referral program can be found via the link

В прессе

Dukascoins – крипто-токены, управляемые через смарт-контракт

Dukascoin, задуманный как крипто платежное средство, будет эмитироваться в ограниченном количестве и сможет служить как в качестве средства совершения платежей, так и в виде объекта спекуляции. Ограниченный объем выпуска и тот факт, что Dukascoin является первой криптовалютой швейцарской банковской отрасли, способствуют формированию ожиданий увеличения стоимости криптотокена в будущем.

Каждый клиент может получить 5 Dukascoins, открыв счет MCA, после чего Dukascoins можно либо продать, либо приобрести дополнительно на торговой площадке. Кроме того, Dukascoins можно вывести из Банка на свой внешний блокчейн кошелек.

Ключевые особенности

Реферальная программа

Любой владелец счета MCA может получить код для приглашения друзей. Реферер получит вознаграждение в размере 5 Dukascoins за каждого приглашенного друга, который откроет счет MCA. Новый клиент получит 5 Dukascoins бесплатно в качестве приветственного бонуса.



Откройте банковский счет MCA и получите 5 Dukascoins в подарок



Станьте реферером - пригласите своих друзей и получите 5 Dukascoins за каждого привлеченного клиента



Предоплачивайте комиссии, совершайте сделки на торговой площадке, накапливайте Dukascoins и получайте депозитное вознаграждение

Курс обмена
последней сделки

1.00 EUR


1 duk+

Для своих клиентов Банк организует и поддерживает инфраструктуру, позволяющую выставлять публичные или личные предложения о покупке или продаже Dukascoins по выбранной цене.

Глубина рынка торговой
площадки Dukascoin

Торгуйте DUK+

Выпуск Dukascoins

Dukascoins будут выпускаться по следующему принципу: каждый новый обладатель счета MCA получает 5 Dukascoins. Пригласивший его (реферер) получает такую же сумму. Dukascopy Bank получает 10 Dukascoins, чтобы обеспечивать достаточную ликвидность Dukascoins на торговой площадке.

Банк будет регулярно проводить независимый аудит для проверки корректности процесса эмиссии Dukascoins. Это обеспечит соответствие количества открытых MCA счетов и количества Dukascoins, выпущенных за определенный период в соответствии с концепцией Airdrop.

Ставка депозитного бонуса, выплачиваемого за депозиты в Dukascoins

Размер ставки, выплачиваемой Банком в рамках данной программы, существенно зависит от величины депозита.

Dukascoins депозиты с доходом в EUR

Минимальный размер депозита Ставка вознаграждения по депозиту
сроком на 1 год
Ставка вознаграждения по депозиту
сроком на 3 месяца
1`000 20% 3.5%
2`000 30% 5.0%
3`000 40% 6.5%
4`000 50% 8%
6`000 60% 9.5%
10`000 70% 11%

Dukascoins депозиты с доходом в EUR


  • Швейцарский банковский счет с IBAN
  • Минимальный депозит не требуется
  • Бесплатное онлайн открытие счета
  • Бесплатные мгновенные платежи
  • Бесплатное обслуживание счета
  • Отличные курсы обмена валюты
  • Виртуальные и пластиковые карты
  • Apple pay
  • Live поддержка 24/7


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