Dukascoin Dukascash

Minor update of the Dukascoin White Paper

Dukascopy Bank announces that the updated version of the Dukascoin White Paper has been released today in order to make minor improvements. The document (v.36 dated November 29, 2019) is available for download on the www.dukascoin.com website


Active referrer account maintenance commission change

Please be informed that starting from today the Active referrer account maintenance commission is raised from 2 to 2.5 DUK+. This commission will be charged starting from the sixth referral (and every referral after that). The changes are already reflected in the Fees & Limits page. Please take a look at the update.


First transaction fee and minimum trade size change

Please be informed that starting from today the First transaction fee is raised from three to four EUR when the minimum trade size on the Dukascoin marketplace is raised from 3.25 EUR to 4.25 EUR. The changes are already reflected in the Fees & Limits page. Kindly check.


The Dukascoin rate doubled in November

Dukascopy Bank is happy to inform that DUK+/EUR rate has doubled in the period of just one month. DUK+/EUR bid rate was 0.65 on the 21st of October, reached 1.30 on the 15th of November and is currently steadily holding at over 1.20 since the 21st of November.

This achievement is even more remarkable when comparing to the negative pace of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and the majority of others. It confirms the sustainability of the key concepts of the Dukascoin project published in the Whitepaper.

It is worth pointing out that the current positive dynamic of the DUK+/EUR exchange rate is supported by a stable trading volume on the internal marketplace. This is another confirmation of the steady interest from the public to the first cryptocurrency issued by a regulated bank.


Low liquidity fee introduction

Dukascopy Bank implements Low liquidity fee: an additional commission of 0.2 EUR per Dukascoin sold at the exchange rate of 1 EUR per Dukascoin or less. Low liquidity fee will be applied to each trade except the first Dukascoin transaction. The commission will be charged in addition to already existing applicable commissions.

The new commission will be implemented next week and it will come in force from the moment the Fees & Limits website page updates.


Commission for active and institutional traders

Having analyzed trading activity of DUK+ traders Dukascopy Bank took a decision to reward the most active clients, in terms of trading volume, by making changes to the actual commission policy. From now on, the minimal commission of 0.05 EUR per every Dukascoin sold will not be applied to clients whose trading turnover exceeded 50 000 Dukascoins (both bought and sold coins counted). Instead, they will only pay 1% of current volume commission from each transaction on the Dukascoin marketplace.

The same approach will be applied for those clients who will be defined by Dukascopy Bank’s management as institutional market makers: they will be charged 1% of current volume commission without obligation to pay minimal commission of 0.05 EUR per sold coin.

The abovementioned changes come into force as of today and may be amended at Dukascopy Bank’s discretion.


Bank’s management restrictions update

Dukascopy Bank’s Board of Directors took a decision to increase from 10’000 to 50’000 Dukascoins the maximum position that each member of the Executive Committee of the Bank and each of their family members can hold.

Since the launch of Dukascoin on 28 February 2019, more than 3.5 million of Dukascoins were released of which more than 1 million belong to clients of the Bank. Over 6 thousand of Dukascoins are traded daily on the Dukascoin bulletin board. Considering the achieved number of released tokens, the sustainable growth of such number and the stable trading activity on the bulletin board, the above mentioned decision of the Board of Directors has been approved.

Updated clause “The Bank’s management restrictions” of the Dukascoin White Paper will be included in version 35 of the document published on the website.


Thresholds for active referrers and experienced marketplace users changed

Continuing the efforts to protect inexperienced clients from the incorrect usage of trading capabilities of the marketplace, Dukascopy Bank increases the minimum trading volume requirements for traders willing to place bid and ask pending orders to buy and sell Dukascoins. The Bank strongly believes that minimum trading volume should ensure the acquisition of necessary experience. That is why experienced users should reach the new level of the trading volume of 500 Dukascoins before they can utilize the full range of orders’ functionality. Less experienced marketplace users will be able to buy and sell Dukascoins at the best available prices by placing market orders only. Once the user reaches the qualification turnover minimum, pending orders will be unblocked automatically.

Another classification change concerns the active referrers’ status. A referrer is considered as active if the number of his/her referrals who successfully opened an MCA account exceeds 10. Starting from the 11th referral, 2 DUK+ will be charged as active referrer account maintenance commission from the remuneration of 5 DUK+ received by referrer. If the number of referrals is lower than 10, the commission will not be applied.

Dukascopy Bank can change the above mentioned thresholds after further observation of the clients’ activity.


New fees, commissions and discounts

Dukascopy Bank is announcing that the new fee of 3 EUR for the first Dukascoin transaction will be applied to the newly opened MCA accounts. When the client initiates first outgoing transaction in Dukascoins (withdrawal, transfer to another MCA account holder or selling) the new fee will be once charged from the MCA account balance. The client will be able to sell Dukascoins even if the balance of the MCA account is not sufficient to pay that fee. In that case, the First Dukascoin transaction fee will be deducted from the amount of euro credited to the client’s account for the Dukascoins sold.

For those customers who will actively use the MCA account and, in particular, will order a Bank’s payment card (target audience of the MCA account service) Dukascopy Bank is planning to offer a discount for the ordering of the first payment card compensating the fee paid for the first Dukascoin transaction. Thus, the fee for the first Dukascoin transaction would not affect a target clientele of the bank.

Another newly introduced change in the fee schedule is the increase of a minimum commission for each Dukascoin sold by client from 0.02 EUR to 0.05 EUR.

The purpose of the above mentioned changes in the fee schedule of the MCA service is to reduce abusive activity of persons exclusively willing to benefit from MCA welcoming bonus and without intention to use the MCA service of the Bank.


Pending orders are available for experienced users only

After meticulous consideration of the 7 month trading practice on the internal Dukascoin marketplace, Dukascopy Bank has decided to introduce a minimum trading volume qualification for traders willing to place a bid and ask pending orders to buy and sell Dukascoins. This measure is introduced to protect inexperienced clients from the incorrect usage of trading capabilities of the marketplace. Minimum trading volume will guarantee necessary experience. New marketplace users will be able to buy and sell Dukascoins at the best available prices by market orders only. Experienced users should reach the trading volume of 250 Dukascoins to apply full range of orders. When the user will reach qualification minimum, pending orders will be unblocked automatically. Dukascopy Bank can change the above mentioned experience limit after further observation of the clients’ activity.

Clients hold more than 1 000 000 Dukascoins

Dukascopy Bank is pleased to announce that on October 2nd, 2019 a new milestone has been reached: more than 1 000 000 Dukascoins have been accumulated by clients on their MCA accounts. This milestone confirms the sustainability of the reward concept offered by Dukascopy Bank for MCA account opening and client’s interest towards the first cryptocurrency created by a Swiss bank.

We are happy to state that the growing number of MCA account holders raises the optimism of a bright future for an affordable Swiss retail banking service constantly evolving at the hands of Dukascopy Bank S.A. One of the latest improvements concerns the benefit of SWIFT deposit automation for MCA account clients. This means that whenever a client makes a bank transfer to a Dukascopy MCA account and certain criteria match, his/her funds will be available on the account without any manual intervention. This innovation dramatically increases the speed of client transactions and raises the client’s satisfaction to a new level.


Commission for active referrers

Hereinafter Dukascopy Bank is informing its clients that the commission for active referrers will be introduced in the middle of October 2019. A referrer is considered active if the number of his/her referrals who successfully opened an MCA account exceeds 10. Starting from the 11th referral, 2 DUK+ will be charged as commission from the remuneration of 5 DUK+ received by referrer. If the number of referrals is lower than 10, the commission will not be applied.


Dukascopy Bank introduces minimal commission.

Dukascopy Bank introduces minimal commission for selling of Dukascoin at the internal marketplace. The current level of the commission will remain 1%. At the same time the bank will charge minimal commission of 0.02 EUR per every Dukascoin sold. The collected amount of commission will be distributed among Fat Catz reward program participants and will make the program even more profitable. Dukascopy reminds that every client is eligible to benefit from the Dukascoin Fat Catz reward program in case the monthly average balance of the account will be equal or larger than 10000 Dukascoins.

New episode of the official Dukascoin promotional movie has been released

"Dukascoin Space Adventure" video campaign has got its continuation. New episode of the official Dukascoin promotional movie called “Dukascoin Catch” is already available on the www.dukascoin.com web-site and Dukascopy social media groups. Also the second chapter of the video-adventure is ready for download in the media-kit.

We will be glad to know your opinion about the episode and welcome your fresh ideas regarding scenarios of the future episodes. Leave your comments under the official video on YouTube and best scenario will be awarded by special prize!


Automated DUK+ blockchain deposits/withdrawals launched!

After intensive testing Dukascopy Bank is happy to announce that starting from this week blockchain operations (deposits and withdrawals) with DUK+ envisaged at MCA account internet banking applications (web and mobile) became automated in most cases and available 24/7.

Taking into consideration the growing number of Dukascoin holders willing to keep DUK+ on their external blockchain wallets, Dukascopy Bank was working hard to create fast and reliable way to satisfy client’s needs. Now the overall time of blockchain interactions in Dukascopy Bank’s MCA accounts infrastructure has been reduced from manual “next day” execution to few minutes (depends on current Ethereum blockchain network loading).


Dukascoin in social networks!

Dukascoin has launched a new social contest in which anyone can take part. 

To participate, you must leave a creative comment on one of the social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, then make a screenshot of it and send it attached in an email to social@dukascoin.com

Once a month, the Dukascoin team will be choosing one or more winners who will receive 100 Dukascoins (DUK+) for free!

The first winner of the contest is Michele Schopfer with her comment on Facebook "AlloHouston? On a un problème..." under Dukascoin's post about the first adventure of the Dukascoin on the moon. There will be new episodes of the adventures soon and new creative comments.



Minor update of the Dukascoin White Paper

Dukascopy Bank announces that the updated version of Dukascoin White Paper has been released today in order to make minor cosmetic improvements. The document (v.34 dated July 23, 2019) is available for download on the www.dukascoin.com website


Referral bonus "Dukascoin#6" is suspended

Starting from July 19, 2019 Dukascopy Bank temporary suspends the "Dukascoin#6" referral bonus program. During first 50 days of the "Dukascoin#6" program existence started at May 29, 2019 more than 8000 clients have met the conditions of the program and realized their right to get one extra Dukascoin to their MCA accounts. We consider such a performance as completely satisfactory and would like to thank all clients joined the program and their referrers who promoted this program among existing and prospect clientele.

The program has been suspended until further notice. More details about the Dukascoin Referral program can be found via the link



Geneva, 11th July 2019 - Dukascopy Bank is pleased to announce the first listing of its own cryptocurrency Dukascoin on the first external trading venue - Swiss Crypto Exchange (SCX)

On February, 28 Dukascopy Bank has launched Dukascoin - the first public blockchain-based crypto token issued by a bank. This event has marked an important milestone in the crypto-friendly long-term strategy of the bank. Since then, Dukascoin has been actively traded inside the internal ecosystem of the bank, attracting significant interest from investors. During the last several months Dukascopy has been actively preparing the next great landmark for its cryptocurrency - external admission to trading.

After careful research and diligent selection process, the bank is now glad to announce the first partnership with one of the most recognized and well-established Swiss crypto companies - Swiss Crypto Exchange (SCX). The bank has highly appreciated the professional team standing behind SCX managed by its CEO Dr. Francesco Adiliberti and its Executive Chairman Dr. Christian Katz and - two well-known and respected members of the Swiss financial industry. Dukascopy Bank is looking forward to fruitful and long-lasting cooperation with SCX in the crypto domain.

Starting from this week, global institutional and private investors will have the opportunity to transact in Dukascoins outside of Dukascopy Bank's environment, freely sending and receiving the bank's cryptocurrency in the blockchain. The bank would like to remind that anyone interested can follow all the latest updates related to Dukascoin on the dedicated web site www.dukascoin.com. This resource publishes all relevant information about the prospective business uses of the token inside or outside the bank.

The bank is equally happy to present an essential additional benefit that clients of Dukascopy will obtain from the partnership with Swiss Crypto Exchange. All clients will get access to trading in popular cryptocurrencies, for example, Bitcoin (BTC) or Etherium (ETH) against Dukascoin or fiat currencies. In this convenient arrangement, clients will be able to keep their money in the safe custody of their Dukascopy bank accounts while buying or selling crypto via SCX (you can read SCX's press release here).

"Switzerland is our home market and is of strategical importance for us. Therefore, we have been particularly careful when selecting a partner exchange. I am certain that we have entrusted our first integration of Dukascoin to the partners who understand the financial and crypto markets very well. They are true professionals. Moreover, I am personally delighted to work closely to Dr. Christian Katz, who has been managing SIX exchange for years and who knows very well how a proper Swiss exchange should be organised." said Dr. Andre Duka, co-CEO of Dukascopy Bank.


Start of the Public Test and Dukascash family expansion

As it was announced, on the 3rd of July, 2019 Dukascopy Bank has started the Public Test phase of its Dukascash project (announcement). The positive reaction of the market to that announcement almost doubled the price of the Dukascoin.

During the Public Test, Dukascopy Bank declares its intention to check the industry's general interest towards stable coins backed by the Bank and invites the leading crypto industry actors to a dialogue regarding the project.

At the same time, the Bank will verify the effectiveness of the developed procedures related to Dukascash, its regular monitoring system and the potential ability to expand the project within the short time frame upon the request of potential partners. To do so, in the framework of the Public Test, the Bank is going to add to the list of tokens another five stable coins.

These new stable coins are CNY+, GBP+, JPY+, MXN+ and RUB+ pegged to Chinese Renminbi, Pound of Sterling, Japanese Yen, Mexican Peso and Russian Ruble, respectively. Such expansion of Dukascash tokens should prove the scalability of the project.

Creating the family of stable coin tokens supported by the Bank, freely convertible with the same cross rates as their base currencies is considered by the Bank as a general target of the project. In fact, the Bank may rapidly extend the list of Dukascash tokens family members up to 23 currencies, all of which are currently available as a base currency for clients' accounts. Further extension of the list will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The Bank reminds that during the period of the Public Test, which will continue until the official termination, the Bank does not take any obligation and does not guaranty the continuation of the project. In any case and independently on the results of Public Testing, possible future amendments to the White Paper and continuation or discontinuation of the project, the Bank takes an obligation to buy back all Dukascash tokens purchased by clients during the Public Test phase. See details in the Public Test disclaimer.


Dukascash White Paper and Public Testing announcement

Dukascopy Bank is publishing the White Paper of its new crypto project named Dukascash. With Dukascash the Bank presents to the crypto industry its vision of a stable crypto currency backed by a bank. The Bank offers a range of payment tokens (currency tokens) circulating in public blockchain. The circulation of the bank's token in public blockchain is the most important advantage in comparison to competitors' solutions. It is the first and only product of that type in the banking industry. The official website of the project is www.dukascash.com

Dukascash is the family of universal digital payment means denominated in different fiat base currencies. Dukascash is designed by the Bank as a basket of low volatility tokens. The exchange rates of these tokens against its base fiat currencies in the long-term perspective is supposed to seek parity with those currencies.

Dukascash will exist in the form of ERC-20 smart-contracts over Ethereum blockchain and represents tokens softly linked to EUR, USD and CHF. Tickers for the above mentioned tokens will be EUR+, USD+ and CHF+ respectively. The list of base currencies will be extended at later stages upon client's requests.

Before the official launch of the product, the Bank announces a public testing phase of the project. The bank invites all crypto industry professionals to participate in the public testing of Dukascash. During that phase the minimum size of a transaction is established at 1000 or more tokens. This measure is intended to protect retail clients from the risks associated with participation in the testing processes.

In any case and independently on the results of public testing, possible future amendments to the White Paper and continuation or discontinuation of the project, the Bank takes an obligation to buy back all Dukascash tokens purchased by clients during the public test phase.

During the public testing stage, the Dukascash White Paper does not create any obligation for the Bank to launch and maintain the products and/or services described in the White Paper. The public testing phase starts July 3rd, 2019. The termination of public testing will be announced separately. The Bank will apply its strict AML/KYC procedures to all operations with clients involving Dukascash.

Dukascash White Paper is available here.


Most active referrers may sell their coins at fixed rate 1 EUR per DUK+

Dukascopy Bank announces the special reward for most active referrers who will achieve the mark of 100 and more referrals successfully opened MCA accounts during one month.

At the beginning of July, 2019 all referrers who will pass the 100+ mark of opened accounts during June will be awarded a special private offer from Dukascopy Bank to buy back all Dukascoins received for their referrals at the fixed price of 1 EUR per 1 DUK+. For example, if the referrer has exactly 100 referrals successfully opened their MCA accounts in June then 500 DUK+ should be awarded for that activity (5 DUK+ for every referral). It means that at the beginning of July the referrer will get a private offer in his/her mobile application (Dukascoin Marketplace) to sell 500 DUK+ to the Bank at the fixed rate of 1 DUK+/EUR and get 500 EUR. The fixed price offered to referrers will not depend on the current market price of DUK+. If the referrer has already sold his/her DUK+ on the marketplace before the announced private offer he or she can buy appropriate amount of DUK+ on the marketplace and sell them to the Bank accepting the private offer. The offer will be limited by the amount of coins received by the referrer during previous month for his/her referral activity.

The referrers eligible for the special reward for a previous month will be identified in the course of the first business day of the next month by counting the successful MCA account applications processed during the previous month. This regular reward will be effective every month till the announcement of revocation from the Bank.
For the current month, the most active referrers have more than a week remaining to stimulate their networks to open more accounts. The more opened accounts the higher the reward!


Dukascopy Bank released the first official Dukascoin promotional movie.

Dukascopy Bank is happy to announce the official launch of the "Dukascoin Space Adventure" video campaign.

Starting from today visitors of the www.dukascoin.com web-site and Dukascopy social media groups will be able to watch the series of short movies about the Dukascoin's adventures on Space. The first chapter "Dukascoin Moon" is already available on the internet and ready for download in the media-kit via the link.

So fasten your seat-belts and enjoy the "Space Ride" Dukascoin movie!


Dukascopy Bank has opened 100 000 current accounts!

15 months ago, at the beginning of 2018, Dukascopy Bank had set an ambitious goal to become the most dynamic and fast-growing retail banking institution in Switzerland. Today we are proud to report that the business model developed by Dukascopy Bank to achieve that goal is completely sustainable: 100 000 clients have entrusted to our institution their payment needs and assets! And the pace is gathering in speed: more than 50% of the amounts of retail accounts have been opened during last three months. In fact every three months the bank doubles its on-boarding productivity.

Our retail clients can reach the financial world by double-tapping on the screen of their smart-phones. A state-of-the-art bank-bot will guide the client through the wide range of unique services offered by Dukascopy Bank:

  • Banking accounts in 23 currencies with an instant opportunity to exchange one currency against another with the best possible forex exchange rates with and lowest commission rates (for example, Swiss residents are charged only 0.25% of the exchanged amount);
  • Instant and free of charge money transfers to any mobile phone number and between chat-mates of Dukascopy Connect messenger
  • A wide range of investment vehicles built directly into the bank-bot including commodities, indices, gold and bitcoin;
  • Access to the first Swiss banking cryptocurrency created by Dukascopy Bank called the Dukascoin which can be obtained by every new retail MCA account holder for free and offers overwhelming opportunities for its holders: participation in either conservative reward programs with average annual profitability at more than 50% or speculations on the internal Dukascoin Marketplace.

For those who prefer more traditional ways of managing their money Dukascopy Bank offers personal prepaid Dukascopy Visa card in EUR, USD, CHF and GBP allowing either to pay bills and services online and in stores (millions of locations supported) or to get cash in ATM’s. Transfers between the retail account and carda (deposits and withdrawals) are also free of charge.

Key components of the success reached are the following:

  • Strict KYC/AML procedures based on Swiss banking regulation;
  • Innovative on-line client onboarding procedure with remote Video Identification allowing clients from all over the World to open a Swiss retail banking account without having to be physically present at the bank's office;
  • Modern Dukascopy Connect 911 messenger available for all mobile devices with built-in internet banking capabilities;
  • Active usage of Artificial intelligence with chat-bots which allows 24/7 support and onboarding of clients;
  • Implementation of the crypto-friendly bank concept.

Based on above mentioned factors Dukascopy Bank reduced the cost of onboarding of per client from 100 down to less than 3 EUR!

The convergence between Swiss banking traditions and modern technologies in Dukascopy Bank's retail products brought the bank to its current impressive result and has created a well-grounded basis for the development of even more fascinating products which will be announced very soon. While celebrating this new milestone we can endorse our bank's ambitious goal as stated in the Dukascoin project Whitepaper: With the trend continuing to be so dynamic, the Bank is eager to become the biggest digital bank regulated in Switzerland.


Referral bonus "Dukascoin#6" was launched today

As of May 29, 2019 MCA clients of Dukascopy Bank may get 6 Dukascoins instead of 5 as was previously the case. This is a new extension of the Dukascopy Bank Referral Program. Its aim is to involve even more clients in the bank’s profitable Welcome Bonus.

New clients are eligible for the Referral Bonus if they meet the following criteria:

  • The referral code should be entered during the MCA account application procedure through the Dukascopy Connect 911 messenger.
  • The MCA account should be successfully approved and opened.
  • Clients will not use their 5 Dukascoins during 30 days after reception of these crypto-assets.

The Bank will calculate the average daily Dukascoin balance of an MCA account at the end of a 30-day period and will release the reward if the account meets the Bonus criteria above. This means that the clients have the right to send/get/sell/buy Dukascoins at their discretion during the first 30 days of holding Dukascoins. However, the average daily balance should not be less than 5 Dukascoins.

The Bonus will be credited automatically when the account holder meets the Bonus requirements on the 31st day after receiving 5 Dukascoins as a welcome bonus for opening an account. Clients who will get the Dukascoin#6 will see the special incoming transaction in the “Bank” section of their 911 Dukascopy Connect messengers and their DUK+ balance will be increased by 1 Dukascoin.

More details about the Dukascoin Referral program can be found via the link


Use Dukascoin to buy gold, oil, indices, equities, currencies and other assets

Dukascopy Bank starts offering its traders the possibility to use Dukascoins to trade on the entire range of speculative instruments on its margin trading platform. From now on clients can use the accumulated Dukascoins (DUK+) to fund their trading accounts and to invest in currencies, precious metals, indices, stocks, bonds, Bitcoin, Ethereum, oil, gas and other commodities. This is possible through the new Dukascoin funding mechanism offered for margin trading accounts.

Dukascoin funding allows almost doubling the actual trading leverage. Within the next step Dukascopy Bank plans to allow combined simultaneous usage of Dukascoins - clients will be able to place their DUK+ coins on income generating deposit and use them as margin trading collateral at the same time. Dukascoin income generating programs can bring up to 100% per year.

CEO of Dukascopy Bank Andre Duka says: "It is a traders's dream that trading collateral may bring you up to 100% of passive income per year. I'm happy that by extending the use of Dukascoin further it becomes a truly unique crypto currency. We are devoted to create paradise for investors."

Feel free to find more information on the new service in the website page.


Dukascoin Fat Catz got first reward distribution

Dukascopy Bank is pleased to announce that first reward distribution among members of prestigious Dukascoin Fat Catz club was successfully accomplished. Total amount of 2055.80 EUR of commissions charged from Dukascoin sellers during March and April has been distributed among Dukascoin account holders who joined Fat Catz club in April.

We remind that distribution of the reward is based on monthly average Dukascoin balance of largest accounts. The major condition to join Fat Catz club is to maintain the monthly average balance equal or larger than 10 000 DUK+.

The current projected annual return of investments of the first group of Fat Catz is 76.24%.



Dukascopy Bank est fière d'annoncer qu'une étape importante des projets MCA et Dukascoin a été franchie : plus de 1 000 nouveaux comptes MCA ont été ouverts le mardi 23 avril 2019.

Il y à peine une semaine, nous avons célébré les progrès substantiels réalisés en matière d'intégration de nouveaux clients, et nous avons battu notre record précédent! Ceci est le résultat des plans stratégiques de la banque développés il y a plus d'un an. Nous pouvons nous référer au livre blanc de Dukascoin: "La Banque a commencé à offrir des comptes MCA pour ses clients un an avant le lancement du projet Dukascoin (28 février 2019). Au début, le nombre de nouveaux comptes MCA par jour était d'environ 10. Cinq mois plus tard, il était d'environ 50. Dix mois après le lancement des comptes MCA, la Banque ouvrait 100 nouveaux comptes par jour. Avec l'aide du Dukascoin Crypto ICO, la Banque envisage d'ouvrir quotidiennement de 1 000 à 10 000 comptes MCA par jour. La tendance étant toujours aussi dynamique, la banque s'impatiente de devenir la plus grande banque en ligne réglementée en Suisse. La Dukascoin sera l'instrument de cette expansion". Nous voudrions souligner que ce qui était attendu comme escale lointaine a maintenant été atteinte : nous ouvrons plus de 1000 comptes par jour !

Actuellement, malgré un certain scepticisme de la part des acteurs du marché concernant le concept d'émission Airdrop, le Dukascoin a stabilisé un taux de change d'environ 0,75 EUR pour 1 DUK+ au cours des six dernières semaines. Cette évaluation du marché assure le développement progressif et continu du projet. Quelques douzaines de clients ont déjà attribué leurs Dukascoins à nos programmes de récompense en Jetons et en EUR. Le club élite "Fat Catz" des détenteurs de Dukascoin a déjà accueilli ses premiers membres.

Les perspectives d'avenir semblent prometteuses et nous déclarons avec confiance que nos projets de banque de détail et de crypto correspondent parfaitement au plan initial annoncé tout en maintenant un dynamisme positif !


New mark has been passed: 823 new MCA accounts per day

Dukascopy Bank is happy to inform that positive dynamic of new MCA accounts opening is gathering the pace. On April, 16 new mark has been set. 823 new clients joined the growing community of MCA account holders.



Conformément aux principes publiés dans le Whitepaper du Dukascoin, Dukascopy Bank a le plaisir d'informer tous les clients ayant ouvert leurs comptes MCA avant le début du Airdrop ICO qu'ils sont éligibles pour les offres suivantes:

Premièrement, les titulaires de comptes MCA qui n'ont pas bénéficié du programme promotionnel MCA (ceux qui n'ont pas reçu 5 EUR après l'ouverture de leur compte MCA avant le 28/02/2019) recevront cinq Dukascoins. La distribution sera effectuée dans les jours qui suivront. Les Dukascoins seront automatiquement crédités sur les comptes MCA.

La deuxième option est destinée aux titulaires de compte MCA et à leurs référents qui avaient reçu 5 EUR dans le cadre du programme promotionnel MCA avant le 28/02/2019. Malgré le cours actuel de DUK+ fluctuant autour de 0,75 EUR par Jeton, Dukascopy Bank respecte les obligations qui lui étaient établies dans le Whitepaper du Dukascoin et offre la possibilité d'acheter 5 Dukascoins au prix de 5 EUR. Cette offre est valide pendant 30 jours et débute au moment de la sortie de cette annonce. Les clients souhaitant exercer leurs droits au cours de la période susmentionnée sont invités à envoyer une demande individuelle à crypto@dukascopy.bank avec les détails de leur compte MCA et leurs numéros de téléphone pour le traitement de la demande.

Après l'achèvement de la distribution DUK+ pour les comptes MCA ouverts avant le 28/02/2019, la banque est heureuse d'annoncer que toutes les activités décrites dans le Whitepaper des Dukascoin concernant la distribution initiale des Jetons ont été réalisées. Les distributions régulières de Dukascoin seront effectuées conformément aux règles publiées ici). Ce concept a été développé par la banque pour garantir une liquidité optimale pour la circulation des Dukascoins. Le montant de Dukascoin sera toujours lié au nombre de comptes MCA ouverts et, par conséquent, au nombre de clients ayant passé les procédures d'identification.

Nous félicitons tous les clients de Dukascopy Bank avec l'accomplissement de la première étape du lancement du Duksacoin Airdrop ICO !

Nous vous rappelons qu'à l'heure actuelle, jusqu'à 800 clients ouvrent des comptes MCA quotidiennement et reçoivent gratuitement 5 Dukascoins. Le taux de change des Dukascoins en EUR est resté stable le mois dernier et fluctue autour de 0,75 EUR par Jeton. Les clients de Dukascopy Bank peuvent rejoindre différents programmes de gains décrits sur le site www.dukascoin.com. Afin de collecter une quantité de Dukascoin conforme aux exigences minimales pour divers programmes de revenus, nos clients peuvent accéder au marché de Dukascoin à tout moment, via leurs applications mobiles ou via le lien Web.



La banque Dukascopy est fière d'annoncer que le dernier record des ouvertures quotidiennes de comptes MCA a été battu en deux jours seulement ! La nouvelle référence a été fixée hier : 797 clients ont commencé à bénéficier de tous les avantages créés par la banque suisse Dukascopy Bank: service mobile e-banking innovant, messagerie fiable, utilisation de cryptotoken et une protection des fonds garanti par la réglementation Suisse.

Nos prévisions concernant la forte demande en services bancaires de qualité, renforcées par la combinaison unique d'une Identification Vidéo simplifiée lors de l'intégration du client et d'une opportunité d'entrer dans le monde de la crypto monnaie avec le Dukascoin, ont excédé nos attentes.

Nous estimons que le premier seuil pour notre banque de 1000 ouvertures quotidiennes de comptes MCA ne se fera pas attendre et qu'il sera atteint vers la fin du printemps. Restez à l'écoute!



La Banque Dukascopy a le plaisir d'informer nos clients que le premier titulaire de Dukascoin avec un solde important a rejoint le groupe de membres élites de notre communauté crypto appelée Fat Catz. En ce moment, le client a une opportunité unique d'obtenir une récompense annualisée égale à 129,84% en EUR pour la fin du mois d'avril !

La banque aimerait vous rappeler que: les membres du club Dukascoins Fat Catz participent à la distribution mensuelle de 1% de la commission facturée par Dukascopy Bank pour les opérations sur le marché des Dukascoins. Tout client dont le solde du compte MCA est égal ou supérieur à 10 000 DUK+ est éligible pour rejoindre le club Fat Catz. La commission sera répartie proportionnellement au montant des Dukascoins détenus sur le compte Fat Catz.



Dukascopy Bank est fière d'annoncer à ses clients et ses lecteurs qu'en moins d'un mois, un nouveau record d'enregistrement quotidien de comptes MCA a été établi le 8 avril.

Le 13 mars seulement, nous avons signalé le fait que 727 nouveaux clients ont rejoint notre famille de titulaires de comptes MCA satisfaits en une journée seulement ! Aujourd'hui, nous célébrons un nouveau niveau de référence - 778 nouveaux comptes par jour !

Le nombre quotidien moyen d'enregistrements des nouveaux comptes MCA a doublé chaque trimestre. Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que le dynamisme reste positif et que nous envisageons l'avenir avec grande confiance. La confiance de tous nos clients existants et prospectifs qui comptent sur nos services constitue une base solide pour le développement du secteur "retail baking" de l'activité de Dukascopy Bank! Restez à l'écoute !


Programme de parrainage "BIG FISH" - niveau 2

Dukascopy Bank lance un deuxième niveau pour le programme de parrainage appelé Big Fish. Il est basé sur le même code de référence utilisé pour le programme de parrainage existant lors de l'ouverture de comptes courants mobiles (MCA). Le programme Big Fish introduit un nouveau bonus supplémentaire de 100 DUK+ versé au référant de chaque client MCA dont le compte atteint plus de 10 000 Dukascoins. Le bonus Big Fish est versé en plus du bonus standard de 5 DUK+.

Plus de détails sur le programme de référence pour les clients existants peuvent être trouvés ici.



Dukascopy Bank a le plaisir d'annoncer que le club Dukascoin Fat Catz ouvre ses portes. La banque vous informe que les membres de ce club prestigieux se partageront la commission collectée par la banque suite aux autres opérations d'échange par les détenteurs de Dukascoins. La banque facture 1% pour chaque transaction sur le marché des Dukascoins. Cette commission est collectée et distribuée parmi les membres du club Fat Catz. Pour devenir membre du club, il faut accumuler plus de 10 000 Dukascoins.

À l'attention des investisseurs potentiels, le rendement annualisé calculé en mars était d'environ 74%.

Nous sommes heureux d'inviter nos clients à visiter la page web du club Dukascoin Fat Catz via ce lien et à obtenir plus de détails sur les avantages de devenir membre du club.



Le change de devises est devenu encore plus agréable et avantageux qu'auparavant. Dukascopy Bank abaisse la commission liée à la conversion des 23 devises disponibles. Les taux de change ne dépassent désormais pas les 0,5% comparé aux taux de change interbancaires. Les résidents suisses bénéficient d'une réduction supplémentaire de 50% pour les frais standard. Pour bénéficier de nos conditions favorables, connectez-vous simplement à votre compte MCA ! Si vous n'avez pas encore de compte, vous pouvez toujours en créer un en téléchargeant notre application mobile Dukascopy Connect 911 depuis Google Play ou Apple Store et en visitant la section "Banque" de l'application. Vous pouvez trouver d'autres informations sur les frais sur le site web du compte MCA.



En raison de la forte demande des investisseurs, Dukascopy Bank a décidé de prolonger la proposition exceptionnelle de récompense en EUR sur les dépôts Dukascoin de 1 an.

À partir du 1er avril 2019, les exigences de dépôt minimum par mois deviendront 2 000 Dukascoins. Selon ce programme, Dukascopy Bank attribue 50 centimes d'euros pour chaque Dukascoin déposé pour une période d'un an.

Les conditions détaillées du programme de récompenses en EUR sont disponibles pour les clients de la banque ici.



Pour les clients qui ont plus de 1000 Dukascoins sur leur compte MCA et qui veulent émerveiller leurs amis et leurs partenaires commerciaux par un souvenir exclusif, Dukascopy Bank offre une occasion unique de commander un "Silver Dukascoin" (Le Jeton en argent) !

La pièce physique portera une valeur de 10 EUR en métal argent au moment de la commande. Un nombre limité de 1 000 Dukascoins d'argent sera offert aux clients avec une règle d'allocation maximale d'un seul Dukascoin en argent par titulaire de compte. Les clients qui possèdent au moins 1000 Dukascoins sur leur compte MCA ou qui ont placé un montant correspondant dans l'un des programmes de récompenses proposés (récompense en Jetons ou en EUR) au moment de la commande du Dukascoin en argent sont invités à s'inscrire. Chaque boitier souvenir "Silver Dukascoin" inclura le Jeton en argent et un Certificat d'Origine numéroté, signé par le directeur général de la banque Dukascopy.

La Banque garantit que le nombre de "Silver Dukascoins" sera strictement limité à 1000. Ainsi, le "Silver Dukascoin" deviendra le véritable symbole de votre exclusivité.

La dimension du Jeton physique sera de 33 x 2,5 millimètres. Cliquez sur ce lien pour voir le design de la pièce. Le prix du Silver Dukascoin est de 20 DUK+. Ce montant de DUK+ et les frais d'expédition seront facturés en fiat et en crypto directement sur le compte du titulaire. Si le client désire, il peut garder le Silver Dukascoin dans le coffre-fort de la banque sans frais et le récupérer personnellement ou réclamer un envoi ultérieurement.

Actuellement, les clients qui souhaitent acheter le Silver Dukascoin sont invités à envoyer une demande à crypto@dukascopy.bank en indiquant leur compte et / ou leur numéro de téléphone correspondant à leurs compte MCA. Un formulaire de commande particulier pour les Silver Dukascoins sera développé et pourra être téléchargé sur le site web www.dukascoin.com.

Dukascopy Bank proposera ultérieurement un nombre limité de Dukascoins en or. Les conditions de la commande et du design seront bientôt publiées.



Dukascopy Bank a décidé d'offrir le Dukascoin à cette catégorie de clients en raison d'une augmentation spectaculaire de la demande de services de compte MCA et de l'accès à notre nouvelle crypto-monnaie par des entités juridiques. Toutes les entités juridiques ne disposaient que de deux options pour obtenir Dukascoin auparavant : soit devenir parrain et obtenir des Dukascoin pour les nouveaux titulaires de compte MCA, soit acheter des Dukasoin sur notre marché intérieur. À partir de la semaine prochaine, les entités juridiques qui vont ouvrir des comptes MCA recevront 5 Dukascoins gratuitement. Ainsi, tous les clients qui ouvriront un compte MCA pourront participer au Airdrop des Dukascoins.



La Banque Dukascopy est heureuse d'annoncer à tous les lecteurs et lectrices qu'un nouveau record en enregistrements quotidiens de ouverture de comptes MCA a été établi le 13 mars 2019.

727 nouveaux clients ont rejoint notre famille de titulaires de comptes MCA en seulement une journée ! Nous croyons fermement que ce record ne tiendra pas longtemps. Selon nos statistiques, le nombre quotidien moyen d'enregistrements des nouveaux comptes MCA a doublé tous les trimestres. Nous avons constaté que tous les trois mois, le nombre de comptes ouverts double d'une manière consistante. En janvier 2018, nous étions encore autour d'une moyenne timide de 22 comptes par jour, et en un an seulement, notre équipe a atteint un nouveau sommet impressionnant!

Nous apprécions vraiment la confiance de tous nos clients existants et prospects qui comptent sur nos services! Restez à l'écoute!