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MCA account and Dukascopy Connect 911

An MCA account is a new type of bank account offered by the Bank to all retail clients around the globe, with just a few geographical exclusions. MCA accounts promoted via the MCA promotional program include a welcoming bonus. MCA accounts are accessible both via web-site and the mobile app Dukascopy Connect 911 messenger. MCA accounts have IBAN numbers and allow access to user friendly, cheap, secure, mobile banking services including free instant payments, purchases on the Internet or in shops (contactless payments PayWave and PayPass are also available ), withdrawal of cash at ATMs via Visa and MasterCard in several currencies, investments without leverage.

The MCA accounts service integrated into the Dukascopy Connect 911 messenger is a modern mobile communication application for both financial and social activities used by people worldwide. Dukascopy Connect 911 messenger was designed to compete with well-known applications such as WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram, with the uniqueness of being fully integrated with banking services such as instant payments, currency exchange, payment cards, bank transfers and other Banking facilities. Dukascopy Connect 911 messenger plays a key role in the 24/7 MCA account opening process.

An MCA account is a Swiss bank account designed for everybody around the globe, without minimum deposit amount requirements, closure or regular support fees and which can be opened online. Swiss banks are historically highly valued due to their stability and reliability.

Client deposits with the Bank are protected in the amount of CHF 100'000 per client. Deposit Protection is explained in details on the website (

To get more information regarding how to open an MCA account, its benefits, fees and limits, please, visit the dedicated web-page of the Dukascopy Bank.

Competition Landscape

Dukascopy Bank is not able to mention a particular competitor in Swiss banking industry developing the same business model and providing international clientele similar scope of retail services supported by similar referral program. At the same time on the local Swiss banking retail market there is a bank which may be considered as the closest competitor with similar business model. This is Bank CLER AG from Basel, Switzerland, which proposes a similar kind of service, including availability of retail banking, mobile banking and a referral program. Bank CLER AG pays a bonus of CHF 50 to the client for opening an account and CHF 50 to the Referrer who attracted the client to the bank. Dukascopy Bank considers this service to be a close analogue to its own offer. The Bank replaces CHF 50 with 5 Dukascoins, considering 5 Dukascoins as an adequate remuneration corresponding to the CHF 50 offered by the closest competitor.

Banks which rely on the development of their retail client base through a remuneration program are usually guided by the idea that the client’s efforts in opening an account develop the bank’s infrastructure and thus should be rewarded. It is assumed that the client’s remuneration should adequately compensate their time spent on opening an account. The Bank agrees with this approach and has introduced an innovation compatible to it. This innovation takes the following form: instead of CHF 50 clients are rewarded with 5 Dukascoins. This theoretical proportion may be respected by The Bank for long term strategical development of the Dukascoin project. Explicitly, for a long term sustainability of the MCA project, The Bank hopes that the Dukascoin exchange rate will stabilize at around 10 euro per 1 coin.