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El programa de referencia para los clientes actuales

In addition to 5 Dukascoins received after an MCA account opening, every client has an opportunity to receive more free Dukascoins. Become a Referrer and receive 10 Dukascoins for the first Referral and 5 DUK+ for every subsequent Referral.

Become a referrer

A client who introduces others to open an account (a Referrer), receives 10 Dukascoins for the first new person (Referral) who successfully opens an MCA account (the account must be approved by the Bank and meet the incoming deposit turnover requirement) and 5 Dukascoins for every subsequent Referral. The Referral also receives 5 Dukascoins. Any person introduced by a Referrer should enter the promotional code of that Referrer during the account opening process in the mobile application. The participation in this activity is free of charge.

The Bank has the right to limit the number of referred clients per one Referrer (10 000 per one Referrer for the initial period of Dukascoin’s circulation). The breach of the limit and special conditions or referral reward will be subject to a dedicated agreement between The Bank and Referrer.

Big Fish – Referral Program Level 2

Dukascopy Bank would like to boost the attractiveness of its referral program for the loyal clients that have DUK+ stakes with the Bank. For such clients, the Bank has established the second level of a referral program with a nice name “Big Fish”. This program presumes a significant remuneration for the referring of valuable new clients. The Bank invites all holders of DUK+ stakes to contact their account manager or Dukascopy Support team to learn about the conditions. You may also reach us by writing to . The Bank is sure that the conditions of the “Big Fish” program will surprise you in a positive way.

As a client of the Bank you become eligible for Level 2 “Big Fish” referral program when you place your own DUK+ stake. At this moment the client receives an individual Level 2 Big Fish proposal from the Bank in form of personal email. Although its conditions may evolve over time, as of end of May 2020 the text of the proposal was as follows:

Dear client,

We are pleased to confirm that you are eligible for the second level referral program of the Bank that we call “Big Fish”.

It means that in addition to standard remuneration of 5 DUK+ tokens for introducing new clients, you will receive a special reward if your referral makes one of official DUK+ stakes. In this case, you will get 10% of the reward of your invited friend. For example, if your friend places a term coin stake for 10,000 DUK+, you will receive a remuneration of 900 DUK+ on your account. In case of 20,000 stake, you will get as much as 1,800 DUK+!

For fiat stakes with EUR reward, taking the same example of 20,000 DUK+, you will get 1,000 EUR, which is exactly 10% of your friend’s 10,000 EUR reward.

Do you need an extra effort to get rewarded? NO! It will be done automatically, just do not forget to ask your friend to input your referral code when registering in Dukascopy Connect 911 app.

How to get your referral code?

Please, open your 911 Connect messenger application and locate “Referral program” option inside the “Settings” tab.

Remember, if your friend inputs this code incorrectly or does not provide the code at all, you will not be eligible for your reward.

Do not forget that your remuneration will be paid upon successful placing of stakes by your invitee and at the same moment when he successfully receives his reward, i.e. at the maturity of the stake.

If you need materials to explain to your friends how DUK+ and the staking work, please check:

Coin reward:

EUR reward:

You are welcome to contact our support at any time in case of additional questions.

NB! This information is dedicated only for your consideration. You may not mention this “Big Fish” offer in social networks, internet forums, public internet or any other media. You can only use word of mouth when distributing this information to your friends. The breach of these restrictions may lead to the cancellation of your referral code and, consequently, remuneration.

This offer is valid for one calendar year and can be extended upon the decision of the Bank.

Please note that the figures of stake and stake reward amounts mentioned in the examples above will gradually change over time, together with the evolution of the DUK+ stakes offer, but the reward share of the “Big Fish” program participants will remain at 10% of the reward amount paid on the stake to the referred client.

The Bank will not apply the Big Fish program bonus if the referrer and the referral are family members or there was a transfer of coins from the referrer to the referral.