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Limitation of liability

The current version of the White Paper, as a mere presentation of the Dukascoin project, is not a contract and has no legal effect.

The Bank expressly rejects any claims, which would be based on this White Paper.

The Bank only accepts financial liability through written contracts signed by it or issued by it such as terms & conditions ruling a business relation with a third party.

Consequently, readers of the White Paper and holders of Dukascoins cannot raise any claims against the Bank pursuant to this White Paper.

Within the Bank's infrastructure, the holding, trading, transferring and use of Dukascoins is subject to applicable General Terms & Conditions.

The holders of Dukascoins must understand and agree that Dukascoins transferred to wallets (addresses) external to the Bank are no longer subject to any contractual terms between the holder and the Bank.

Therefore, if a client transfers their Dukascoins to a third party outside the Bank's infrastructure, Dukascoins become held, transferred and used in the frame of relations to which the Bank is not a party. The holder shall solely and fully assume any and all possible responsibilities and liabilities concerning third parties.