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Comment fonctionne GETCA$H Swap?

The GET CA$H programme allows clients to receive up to 50 000 EUR instantly to their MCA accounts, against a Dukascoin stake with the obligation to return the funds (buy back) in 1 month or prolong and use the cash for a longer period of time. Option not to buy a stake back and keep the funds is also possible.

GET CA$H is available 24/7, instantly, including weekends and nighttime.

Supposons qu´un client a un stake
Entrez la taille de votre stake
Si un client a un besoin urgent de monnaie fiduciaire, GETCA$H Swap lui permettra d'obtenir
Enter amount
pour cette stake.

After the client receives CA$H on the MCA account, they will be able to use this amount for 1 month and will have to return 1026 EUR to the bank at the end of this period. Should they wish to extend the program into the next month, they must pay 6.55 EUR.

GETCA$H Swap peut être renouvelé plusieurs fois. Le coût de renouvellement est de 7.5% par an.

Pendant toute la durée du swap, crypto staking du client sera temporairement suspendu, puis, une fois la monnaie fiduciaire restituée, il sera restauré et prolongé dans les mêmes conditions.

  • If the client's stake is located in the Bank, they will receive the desired amount in the next few minutes.
  • If the stake is located on blockchain, the client will need to send the indicated DUK+ amount to a unique address available in the GET CA$H SWAP form. This might take from 1 to 30 minutes, depending on the chosen transfer speed in the blockchain wallet. Immediately after DUK+ are received, the client receives the desired amount to their MCA account.

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